I Remember

I remember your gentle touch,

As my hand, you took in yours,

And the words that so tenderly fell on my ears,

” I love you. Will you be mine ?”

Shyly, so softly I lifted my head and

I echoed the words you had just said.



I remember the bells, silk, satin and bows,

My hand trembling in yours

As we took our vows,

Our hearts filled with thoughts

” I am yours you are mine, forever, now on.”



The years rolled by, leaving their mark,

We had our share of laughter and larks,

But through hail, snow and storm,

Fair weather and foul,

The words never died -“I love you, I am yours”



As I gently remove the dried leaves from the stone,

That lately adorns the place you were borne.

My mind recalls the years that we shared,

And wonders where love has gone.



The tears gently flow wetting the earth below

And I whisper softly to let you know –

I am still yours and will be ever more.

~Joy Clarkson(1992)


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