A Letter

My Dear Beta,

How are you? Thought I’d do the old fashioned thing and write a letter….oh! we call it mail these days…:) I think this quote says it better….“What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can’t reread a phone call.” But then I am a sentimental fool and being from a past generation only compounds it…LOL

I’ve had quite a restless night and am feeling a bit drowsy this morning. Even my cup of nice, strong ginger tea couldn’t raise me up. Guess a cold shower will fare better! I suppose too much of time on one’s hands is not good for the mind…….I thought about that too, about the connection, and figured it out…..the hands dig up old memories and skeletons long buried…idle hands..:) Whacky eh..??

Hopefully, things will settle down and I will finally be on even keel. Too much has transpired too soon…back-to-back, and it is telling on me…age, I suppose is finally overtaking my mental capacity and strength….the fight seems to be dying down. Still the morning brings hope, it’s the evenings and night that dash all hopes while I battle loneliness. It’s a sunny day today, clear sky so I guess we get some respite from the rain.

I enjoyed a rickshaw ride in a drizzle the other day. It was early morning and I had to withdraw cash for the maid’s pay. Threatened by heavier showers, I scurried to the ATM….but remembered too late that muddy puddles and speeding cars were also on the way !!!!!!! Pachaaak…pachaaak………:(

Oh that’s a rhyme….unintended poetry LOL

That’s it for now. I’ve had my tea and shall read the paper.




rickshaw……..a three-wheeled cycle carrier. It has a cushioned seat behind the rickshaw driver which can comfortably seat two people. It is canopied and offers some protection from light showers.

pachaak…….a Hindi word to convey the sound of splashing water.


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