To Watch The Sun Set



“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” -Rabindranath Tagore

One of the biggest high points of my evening walks are the sunsets over the ocean; a glorious radiance spread over the vast expanse and the waters basking in reflected glory. For a moment, I am rendered incoherent…even speechless. I experience a moment of not being; not in my body. I can’t explain it. I am one with the universe in total admiration and praise.

Or like the brilliant pink that tinges the white fluffy balls of cottony clouds in a blue sky. I want to sing, dance…my feet are light on the sidewalk; I’m gliding. 


Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. But a sunset is my favorite. Be it over mountains or an ocean or even over the barns and fields in the country. It’s a moment of such quiet, peace and calm. For me it holds promise. Of a time of rest for the weary. Of a new sunrise. Of being closer to achieving my goals. Of God’s grace and mercy. It reminds me of important things. Of how tiny I am in a large frame. Of being grateful for life, opportunity and second chances. Of the importance of being still and breathing deeply. Of the need to be quiet for a time and give my whole being to wordless communication. For some unfathomable reason, time slows down…the rush and hustle of the day wind down and I unwind with it.

The biggest cliche in photography, I read somewhere, is sunrise and sunset! I don’t understand why they, the people who say it, think so. I love to see every sunset and never have I felt it was overdone or a ‘cliched’ moment if you know what I mean. I recall the short stay at Mantagua, in a casa that overlooked the Pacific. The huge dining and living room windows opened onto a panoramic view of the sand dunes and the ocean. I’d sit and gaze at the vibrant changing hues and marvel at God’s WIP. The sun, a glowing orange globe, whose seemingly slow and gradual descent on the horizon was so elegant and never failed to lift and satisfy my spirit. I know nothing about a cliched sunset…for me each one is new!

I am no photographer and my phone is the only camera I have. But I love to click pictures…I love to create memories on film. I love to go through photographs and remember!


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