Campo Granja Educativa Con Con- The Petting Zoo

This visit isn’t a recent one. I didn’t have this blog at the time we visited, but I came across some pictures of our visit and here they come. The ‘petting’ zoo, as the name implies allows the children to pet certain animals like a kid or a bunny. They are also encouraged to feed some, under adult supervision, of course! One does have to be careful with the geese…and some very hungry goats and alpacas.



The zoo is spread over a large farm and has a good number of domestic animals and birds. I’m not sure if ostrich comes under the tag ‘domestic,’ though! It’s a nice place to spend the day with kids. They have a small eating place and an area where one can hold small parties…like birthday parties!




Apart from this, there are other interesting features like showing kids a live beehive and how honey is extracted. Allowing the kids to pluck ripe fruit off the trees…three per child…and no employee from the zoo stands around to check. They trust you.



There’s the horse wagon ride around the farm as well. Adults enjoy it as much as their kids do!


And cable rides too for the older kids.


Then there’s a traditional oven where fresh bread is baked and each child is given three rolls of hot, soft, buttered bread in brown paper bags. The aroma of baking bread enhances the experience by highlighting the ‘Campo’ (rural) surroundings, besides, one is quite hungry by this time and ready to take a bite.




And while the kids played and ran around enjoying the fresh country air and open space, some of us relaxed among our feathered and four-legged neighbours, some went a shopping for little mementos at the tiny shop on the campus.




Before we knew it, it was time to drive back home. The little ones were flushed with joy and that signed off the outing as a huge success and a day spent well.


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