Chillán…away from the madding crowd


The road to tranquillity…..approach to our resort in Chillán, (pro: Chi-yaan). Trust me to forget the name of the resort

Once again, I’m going back in time and dredging my memories and the albums to document our trips here. It’s my way of not only sharing some information and pictures but to be sure I can come back here anytime in the future and relive the moment once again. So, this trip we made to Chillán was in 2013. I’ve forgotten the name of the resort we stayed at, as our base, to our trip further up to the snow-capped mountains at Termas de Chillán.

The road trip was great for the most part of the journey, that is, up to our base at Chillan. The resort had big, comfortable log cabins, cabañas, and we had booked two. Both had sitting cum dining rooms and three bedrooms, and a good sized bathroom. We were a group of nine people. Three of us, of one family, occupied the smaller cabin while the others stayed at the larger one. Fortunately, the two cabánas were in the same compound/garden, facing each other so we didn’t feel as if we were far apart.


Nine people, two cabanas…each with three bedrooms, living room, dining, kitchenette,log fire heaters,no TV (thank god) electricity and hot water (thank god!!)



The Thomas’ cabaña….for a while! I wish I could have a log cabin get-away somewhere so beautiful…hmmm. If wishes were horses this beggar would ride!


And this one was for six other people of the group…it was slightly bigger in size.


It was fun making tea in this aluminum kettle! It’s been ages since I’ve seen one and longer since I’ve used one!!


There were small wood blocks provided for this burner which kept the whole place warm! I was doubtful it would initially!

The resort was spread over a large area and there were two more cabins, a large and a medium-sized cabána and some rooms for more options.




The old gentleman comes with the property, he owns it!

A beautiful garden with an open-air sit-out provided a great place to lounge or eat a meal or have a cup of tea, coffee served by the restaurant.


This was one of my spots to laze!

The restaurant was a quaint, pretty place.The food was good, the ambiance excellent. Service needs some work…much work. Not that the waiters were rude or negligent…just that they were not around much. I had to go around the building to the back in search of the kitchen where I found the waiters, waitress, and cooks chatting away. No doubt they were surprised to see me at the kitchen door with my order! They scampered to attend to me…explained patiently what would be in the food I ordered and also how it would be cooked.


The pretty restaurant inside the complex.


Don’t miss the log fire heater in the back…the ambiance was exactly how I like it And I searched out a waiter from the kitchen behind, who thankfully spoke some ‘Spanglish’ and I was ready to order!

I was served a delicious meal and then they became scarce again! So, if I needed anything more, I’d have to go running to the back and surprise them once more…fortunately, I didn’t need anything until my meal was done and I had to sign on the bill!


My solo lunch…no one cared to join me, opting for the most boring thing of sitting in their cabaña and cooking scrambled eggs and stuffing it into buns

Early, the next day, I was up and out to explore the surroundings. It was chilly and I wrapped a shawl around myself… I was already layered with warm clothes, like an onion.I walked around and spotted a small playground with swings and slides and small wooden tables and chairs. I was drawn to it. It was in the middle of a cluster of tall trees. I sat on a swing and said my morning prayers, sang ‘How great thou art…’ as I swayed gently back and forth on the swing. The hymn was so apt in those surroundings…I gazed up at the sky through the chinks in the leaves…it was changing colours as a beautiful sunrise broke upon the day.


My prayer room…Never knew how wonderful it could be to swing and sing…and sway gently back and forth and pray until I got here!


This made me say, “Who’s been sitting in my chair?” like Mama bear in Goldilocks and the Three Bears!






The abandoned watering hole….they used to have horses, I believe.


My patch of blue….


This palm was certainly not the proverbial palm of Sant Kabir fame “Bara hua toh kya hua…..panthi ko saaya nahin…” There’s ample ‘saaya!’

I walked about a bit more and then decided I needed to warm myself with some breakfast and a hot cup of tea. I returned to the cabin.

After breakfast, we set off for the mountains. It wasn’t a very pleasant drive for me this time. My travel sickness kicked in with the twists and turns of the winding road going up into hilly terrain. It got so bad I had to be ‘offloaded’ at Termas de Chillán, where I lay on a sofa in the lounge of a hotel until the others returned from their snow escapades in the mountains, in the evening. I had recovered by then having slept it off. We packed in a good dinner, watched a soccer match that was going on and cheered, with gusto, each goal our host country made and finally when it won.And then we drove back to our warm and comfy cabins.


Termas de Chillán…before one drove up into the mountains where the heavy snow lay. Here’s where I got off to rest out a bout of nausea.


These small falls were right in front of the place I was resting. My phone hasn’t done justice…they were very pretty. That was my Termas de Chillán experience…..65 km’s drive from our base!

The place we were staying at was far from the madding crowd and totally back to nature sort of a resort, except for some amenities like the bathrooms and hot running water in the taps and shower, fortunately!

It was my kind of quiet yet noisy place! The noise being the orchestra of birds…all different yet all in harmony and in sync with the surroundings. Needless to say, it’s verdant…it is far from the bustling big cities; pastoral and rural in manner. The only discordant sounds were those that our group made as they partied through the night until the wee hours of the morning.

It makes me wonder why anyone would search the net high and low for a peaceful, quiet place, only to go there and shatter the sound of silence through the night! The otherwise lively, exhilarating and catchy music becomes jarring as it reverberates around the hills and meadows. Beats me! But then, I’m a few decades further on in life than the rest of the group and also of a different bent of mind!

All in all, it was a great experience, one I thoroughly enjoyed. Something I would like to recall in later years.


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