Did You See… Did You Feel?

As I was browsing through my journal I came across an entry made about three and a half months ago. It brought back memories of that morning – of some more things I’d seen, not mentioned in the journal, and the feelings I’d experienced. Sharing it as it was written.

These days I’m having many conversations with my two and a half-year-old, twin, grand-daughters that start with “Did you…” and “What is..”

It was one of those ‘Test’ days. Not the academic kind but the medical test kind…you know blood and…etc. So I was up and out of the house early. I was at the clinic at 8.00 am to avoid the rush and get an earlier appointment. Soon, I was done and was walking back. It was winter and the air was crisp and cold. But it was a beautiful walk. There were so many things to observe. So many people; all ages going about their work…some to work, some to school, and perhaps a few like me, going to or returning from the doc’s clinic!

When I returned I realized that I had a lot of “Did you…” things to think about.’


I boxed the Qs to highlight the fact that we usually do not notice or see little things like these as we’re in a perpetual rush or engrossed in ourselves.

Take the time; take the time to look around and you’ll find some nice things…things that make you smile within. That remind you of some other happy experiences. That make you appreciate the good things you have; the benefits you have. Take the time to be grateful and appreciative.




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