A Glorious Mess!

No matter how hard I try to keep things neat – a place for everything and everything in its place – it is near impossible on Christmas day. I’m constantly picking up things that shouldn’t be where they’re lying, pushing furniture that has, supernaturally, turned around or shifted from their original places…and so on and so forth! But, on this one day, the mess speaks of so much more than disorderliness, neglect or lack of aesthetic sense.


It speaks of a higher number of visitors; of close friends, of relatives…of family, of children…in other words, of the company that you love. People who don’t or can’t get together at one place throughout the year. It’s the telltale evidence of much fun, much bonhomie, a lot of laughing, joking, gormandising…in general, a lot of a whale of a time!

It’s not the everyday mess. It’ll happen again after twelve long months. And considering the vagaries of life, who knows when ‘you’ll be all together again’ so I think of it as a “glorious” mess. One that stands testament to being together; eating together, laughing, playing, singing, dancing…even praying and bonding in a spiritual way perhaps. It’s that one time in the year when we’re all in one place and sharing everything…apart from the tangible the intangible as well – material gifts and the gift of love. After all, it is love, the greatest kind ever, that we’re celebrating on this day…for God so loved us that He sent us His son, Jesus!

You don’t have to go bonkers over a messy living room, at least for this one day. Let it be for a while, if you can. The next day or the day after, you’ll have all the time in the world to get things shipshape. Allow yourself to enjoy this glorious mess!

(It’s not easy…but if you sit still and just remember the moments you’ve spent, then, provided you were with the company you love, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a cup of tea in this ‘glorious’ mess!)


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