Dear Father Christmas

A heartwarming letter to Santa written by Benedict Cumberbatch. I came across this on the internet. I hope I’m not infringing on any copy write. Here are excerpts from the letter that touched a chord in my heart.
(Benedict Cumberbatch, is a British actor best known for his role in the BBC television show Sherlock Holmes. He has also appeared in Hollywood films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, War Horse, Star Trek: Into the darkness, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and The Imitation Game.) 
Dear Father Christmas,
So my friend has asked me to write to you…I must confess it’s been hard to know what to say. Mainly because like most adults I feel preposterous asking anything of you because our time with you is done.
Now, we get our presents, control our own fates, take responsibilities for our own actions, and live in the world we have created….so it’s not for us to turn around and plead for your help with the environment, the migrant crisis, the NHS, education food banks, human rights, fundamentalism and wars. Though God knows we need all the help we can get with all these man-made problems and more.
And it’s not that you aren’t compassionate and full of joy. You’re great. Inspite of you being changed into different colours for corporations and being bastardised to represent materialism gone mad – despite probably originating in some season based pagan druid ritual a million thought miles from requests for spontaneously combusting hoverboards…kidadults cynically pointing this out after having their moment of belief in you are wasting everyone’s precious time. Because you are not for them. You are for the children. Children who need some magic in a world where the borders between innocence and responsibility, playful imagination and cold adult obstacles are continually shrinking.
This is what I’d like to ask you to help with. A little more time for children to be children. Stretch the moment of magic and playfulness. Distract them from the realities of a world gone mad so that they can laugh with their breath rather than sob with their tears. Especially those caring for family members, or suffering illness, hunger or poverty. Especially those hiding in buildings as bombs rain down or be handed shaking with fear or cold into a boat to escape environmental disaster or war. Please help to light up their worlds with a moment of joy and hope
Spare a thought too for those millions who want to write to you but for illiteracy can’t. Hear their words and help to give them the time and chance to learn to read and write so they can better their lives and escape their impoverished beginnings…..
I feel a little sorry for you. And I guess I’ve done exactly what I said I wouldn’t….asked you to help with adult problems and solve some of the greatest worries we have for our children. I promise to leave some extra Port and mince pies for you.
Lots of love,
Benedict x


I think it’s a beautiful ‘prayer’ and one I would say to God. I feel this request for our children is so urgent and more than toys and eats if one were to ask for anything, it must be for a safer and better world for them. Compared to when we were kids, and then when my kids were young, it’s scarier, more unsafe, and an unhealthy place for our present generation – in terms of the environment, safety & security, and war.

 Wishing all of you Happy Holidays! To those who celebrate Christmas – have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.


A Letter

My Dear Beta,

How are you? Thought I’d do the old fashioned thing and write a letter….oh! we call it mail these days…:) I think this quote says it better….“What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can’t reread a phone call.” But then I am a sentimental fool and being from a past generation only compounds it…LOL

I’ve had quite a restless night and am feeling a bit drowsy this morning. Even my cup of nice, strong ginger tea couldn’t raise me up. Guess a cold shower will fare better! I suppose too much of time on one’s hands is not good for the mind…….I thought about that too, about the connection, and figured it out…..the hands dig up old memories and skeletons long buried…idle hands..:) Whacky eh..??

Hopefully, things will settle down and I will finally be on even keel. Too much has transpired too soon…back-to-back, and it is telling on me…age, I suppose is finally overtaking my mental capacity and strength….the fight seems to be dying down. Still the morning brings hope, it’s the evenings and night that dash all hopes while I battle loneliness. It’s a sunny day today, clear sky so I guess we get some respite from the rain.

I enjoyed a rickshaw ride in a drizzle the other day. It was early morning and I had to withdraw cash for the maid’s pay. Threatened by heavier showers, I scurried to the ATM….but remembered too late that muddy puddles and speeding cars were also on the way !!!!!!! Pachaaak…pachaaak………:(

Oh that’s a rhyme….unintended poetry LOL

That’s it for now. I’ve had my tea and shall read the paper.




rickshaw……..a three-wheeled cycle carrier. It has a cushioned seat behind the rickshaw driver which can comfortably seat two people. It is canopied and offers some protection from light showers.

pachaak…….a Hindi word to convey the sound of splashing water.